Anime: DNA2



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In the future, society has a major population problem. The cause is theMega-Playboy men who are totally irresistible to women, due to their genes. One Mega-Playboy can make over 100 women pregnant and the male offspring in turn also becomes Mega-Playboys.

Karinis an agent sent to the past to find the first Mega-Playboy and stop him with a special genetically tailored bullet. Karin, who dreams of having her very own “Sweet Home” (a rarity in the overcrowded future), finds the original Mega-Playboy a young man namedJunta. Junta has a problem; he throws up at anything even remotely sexual. Perplexed, Karin tries to complete her assigned job anyway, which goes badly wrong.
Other players in this twisted plot areAmi, a girl that Junta grew up with (and the only female he does not get sick around),Tomoko, first victim of Junta’s Mega-Playboy powers, andRyuuji, the jealous boyfriend. Not to mention the hordes of girls who swoon when Junta powers up, including Karin.

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