Anime: Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu



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On the last day of the summer break,Asaba Naoyukisneaks into school for a secret swim at night. At the pool he encounters a mysterious girl namedIriya Kana, with embedded silver semi-spheres in her wrists.

The following day, as the new school term begins, Iriya transfers to Asaba’s class, much to his surprise. Iriya clearly has trouble associating with other students, but develops a liking to Asaba, and even joins theElectromagnetic Newspaper Clubhe is part of. Frequent calls to the teachers room, and numerous special privileges, along with a personal bodyguard,Enomoto, make it clear that Iriya is connected to and a very important part of theSonoharamilitary base nearby.And so Iriya and Asaba’s heart-rendingUFO summerbegins…

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