Anime: Kanokon



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The story revolves aroundOyamada Kouta, a young first-year high school student who moves from the country to the city and transfers toKunpou High School. On his first day at his new school, a second-year female student namedMinamoto Chizuruasks him to meet her alone in the music room. When he arrives, she tries to seduce him and reveals that she is a fox deity.

When Kouta keeps this a secret, she decides that he is her destined partner. From that day on, she never leaves his side, nor will she skip a chance to practice anything ecchi with him whether he likes it or not.But then a first-year female student by the name ofEzomori Nozomuarrives at Kouta’s school, who, incidentally, also falls in love with Kouta. Kouta becomes much more involved in the world of deities, especially after Nozomu reveals that she is also a deity…

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