Anime: Mai-Mai Miracle (2009)



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In 1955 in western Japan, nine-year-oldShinkoknows she comes from a family that dates back to over a thousand years. This long genealogy and stories about it feed her daydreams: she invents an imaginary friendship with a young girl in the Japan of a thousand years ago. One day,Kiiko, a timid child from Tokyo, is transferred into Shinko’s class at school. Struggling to fit in, she finds a friend in Shinko. They set off together on a magical adventure into a story from ancient history.Note: Adapted from theTakagi NobukonovelMai Mai Shinko winner of the prestigiousAkutagawa Prize this animated feature film portrays the relationship of two children linked not only by friendship, but also by that power that transcends eras: imagination.European premiere 15.08.2009 at theLocarno International Film Festival, Japan premiere 21.11.2009

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